Leather Goods




Utility and Decor - Home and Office
  Utility and Decor
  Corded & Cylindrical Vases
  Bowl / Back Gammon / Asorted Leather Goods
  Photo Frames
  Coasters & Napkin Rings
  Table Top Office Accessories

  Corporate Goods
  CD Boxes / Collapsible CD Case / Storage Boxes / Ornate and utility boxes
  Mobile / Letter / Envelope Holders
  Office & Personal Valet

  Leather Bags
  Portfolios, Hand Bags and Travels Bags
  The Christopher Trill Collection
  Shantiniketan Bags

  Canvas Bags
  Ellington Collection
  Garr & Co. Collection

Woven Bags

Jute bags




Maverick One, Kanpur, India - 200801.
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