Utility & Decor
Manila Folders
(A) Artificial Leather (B) Cow Milled Leather (C) Vegtanned Buff Leather (D) Split Suede two color combination
Bonded Leather Nubuck Finish Executive Storage Boxes
005 006 007
PU split Storage Box Bonded Leather Storage Box Bonded Leather Jewellery Box
009 010 013
Spectacles Cases Leather Pouches Business Card Holders
  Bonded Leather Bowl  
014 015
Veg-tanned Harness Leather Embossed Box Bonded Leather Mag Tote
016 001
Bonded Leather Round Utilty Box PU Split Leather Stationery Organiser
020 022 023
Bonded leather - napkin box Leather Basket  Bonded leather waste basket
024 025 026
Harness leather tray with emboss deco PU split keepsake box Bonded leather tray
027 028  
Chain keyring Bonded Leather Magazine Tote  
021 018
Leather Taharat socks   Ehraam Belt Leather and canvas - with concealed pockets



Maverick One, Kanpur, India - 200801.
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