Dear Customer,

Maverick's home, is home also, for perhaps, the biggest concentration of tanneries and saddlery manufacturers in the world.

It is one of the 4 major leather centres of India.

It is an industrial metropolis about 450 Kms southeast of New Delhi, called Kanpur.

Since the first tannery was set-up here, by the British more than a century ago, the number has grown. Until now the city and its suburbs have more than 250 tanneries. Big and small, mostly using chrome tanning processes. Though there are many that have sizeable production of veg-tanned leather as well.

This is essentially a bovine hides tanning centre with water buffalo hides, constituting the bulk of production. There are those tanneries here too, that tan cow hides also - both of Indian as well as imported origins.

Shoe industries, Leather Goods manufacturers and several Leather Garment manufacturers are among integrated industries that consume about 70% of the leather production in this city. The rest is exported.

Several major players of the Shoe industry of India have their headquarters here.

Some very good factories are producing world class Leather Goods, like Portfolios, Ladies' Hand Bags and Wallets that have loyal and satisfied international clientele buying from them.

Although the Leather Garment units are few here. They are, however, those who have sustained their existence here due to sheer quality and economy they offer to their customers.

In this backdrop Maverick has developed excellent relations with some of the best leather people in the business.

The company works in close coordination with several large tanneries, shoe manufacturers and leather goods factories.

A fact that makes it easy for Maverick to get its customers the right products, from appropriate sources and at the best prices possible.

The most notable aspect of this arrangement is that Maverick’s role is unobtrusive. The customer deals with the supplier directly and Maverick is involved, after the initial development stage, only if either party so desires.


Your friend in India

Shariq Jamal




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