Hello and welcome to Maverick's Showcase & Warehouse...
see the most comprehensive range of leather items in the business.

Equestrian Goods :

Maverick's home town is home to the biggest agglomeration of saddlery manufacturers in the world. 

Leather Goods :

Truly pretty and exclusive collection of useful and decorative items for your pleasure and business.

Home Furnishings Items & Rugs :

Home Furnishings & Rugs :
We can offer Rugs & Carpets in any design, color, size and style.

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Safety Wears

Saftety Wears :
The range of saftey wears are available in various sizes, multiple colors, fabrics leather/non-leather and in custom-make as per your needs.

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Leather Belts :


Top quality Leather Belts.

Footwear :

Footwear-Goodyear-Welted, Cement-Lasted, or DMS: Safety or Fashion, Maverick will take you to the experts.

Holsters, Scabbards & Knife Sheaths :

Veg-tanned Leather Holsters, Scabbards and Knife Sheaths: a specialty of Maverick's hometown. Kanpur is the home of vegetable tanning in India and holsters and sheaths are hand stitched here by craftsmen who learnt their skills from their forefathers. A legacy over 100 years old.

Round Leather Cords & Lacing :

Leather Cords & Lacing :
Another speciality from this leather town. All varieties ofl widths, toughness, gauges and colours may be found.

Leather Garments :

Top quality Sheep Nappa and Soft Goat Nappa Garments: They are Maverick's forte. Experienced and thoroughly professional export houses will offer their best in expertise, prices and supplies.

Finished Leather :

Veg-tanned harness or DIN spec chrome tanned leather: or anything in between, your search ends here.



Maverick One, Kanpur, India - 200801.
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